Done with Chemo #14 & #15 – 3 Treatments to Go (Emily Whiting Update #26: 8/7/18)

This is Emily holding up the final dose of Doxorubicin she will have to endure!! What Has Happened Since Our Last Update: Since my last update, [...]

Five Treatments to Go (Emily Whiting Update #25: 7/25/18)

Last week I had asked you to pray that Emily would be able to go through 3 treatments in a row. Since so many of you have told me you are praying for that [...]

Six Treatments to Go (Emily Whiting Update #24: 7/17/18)

When Emily feels well (and decides to wear her wig) - you'd have no idea she is even sick if she wasn't using a crutch. We are so thankful for how God is [...]

Join Me for an Israel Trip – January 2019

I am planning to head to Israel again early in 2019. I would love for you to go along. Here is a quick FAQ to get you some information. When is the [...]

Two Weeks – Two Early Releases (Emily Whiting Update #23: 6/17/18)

Here is the latest - if you are following Emily's story. Chemo Info and Update: Emily has a total of 18 chemo treatments. They break down like [...]

Back on Track with Chemo Round #10 (Emily Whiting Update #22: 6/9/18)

Our last update was four weeks ago (5/13/18). You can find that here: This will update you on the last month and what is coming [...]

We’ve Run into a Speed Bump with Chemo (Emily Whiting Update #21: 5/13/18)

Our last update was over a month ago (4/11/18). You can find that here: That was written on April 11 while Emily was enjoying a [...]

Enjoying Her 2 Week Break (Emily Whiting Update #20: 4/11/18)

What Happened Last Week: Last week, Emily faced her roughest week of chemo yet. There are a lot of reasons for that. One of the primary reasons is [...]

Pathology Results Are In (Emily Whiting Update #19: 4/4/18)

  Pathology Results: Here is the big news of the week, and frankly, the best medical news of this journey so far: the pathology report says the [...]