Things to Consider Before Going to Church Tomorrow

Here are some things to consider before showing up @ Northridge tomorrow: In case you think "singing" and "worship" are exact synonyms - [...]

“Our God” and Christian Rap

One of my favorite worship songs that we sing at Northridge Church these days is "Our God."  The chorus says, "Our God is greater; our [...]

Q&A on Music and Church – part 2

Here is part 2 of the video on Q&A with church music.  It is part of the promotional videos for the 16:5 conference in January (10-11, [...]

Q&A on Music and Church

We have our 16:5 conference coming up in January (see website HERE). The conference is to help churches think through issues of faithfulness and [...]

A Modern Hymn (that’s addictive)

I grew up on hymns... I still love them.  But because of our target at Northridge, I'm constantly on the lookout for hymns that still fit our [...]

Volume Levels at Church

Here is a document we have at our information desk for those who have questions about volume levels at Northridge Church.Volume Levels and Hearing Safety @ [...]

Northridge Band Try-outs – A Video

It is a week of videos... I've been asked several times in recent weeks to share the videos we've been using - so we slowly uploading them.  [...]

A Good Tired

After preaching three times on Sunday morning and leading worship Sunday night - I was tired. Often I'm tired because I've been up late watching a [...]

A Highlight of My Life

Sunday night was a huge ministry highlight of my life. After not leading worship for several months, I came out of "retirement." But what made it [...]

Why No Cantata on Sunday?

In the last week, I've been asked a couple of times why we don't do Christmas cantatas (although I'm not really sure what that word means - it [...]