Easter Sunday @ Northridge – one week away!

                We are really looking forward to celebrating Easter with you next weekend [...]

Missionary Aviation Fellowship

On our last trip to Chad, we used MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship). I had heard about them for years, but never worked with them. They are a ministry [...]

Defending the Right to Not Make a Cake

Daniel & Amy McArthur own a bakery in Ireland. They refused to make a cake celebrating gay marriage. I realize this is a difficult issue and not all [...]

Sunday @ Northridge

There are a few things I'm looking forward to tomorrow @ Northridge: I'm looking forward to 1 Corinthians 14. Tomorrow we will talk about prophecy, [...]

What Kind of Praise Do You Tend to Give Your Kids?

I saw this video recently and really liked the study, but I should say that I don't know anything about this guy, his website, or his newsletter (that is to [...]

Why Do Some Christians Think Christmas Trees Are Sinful?

Did you know some believe Christmas trees are sinful? This video gives an understanding of why some reject them and what the Bible says about them. This is [...]

Be Fair to Millennials (a video)

Many churches are focusing on how to reach millennials lately, especially with the growing number of people that are identifying themselves with no religious [...]

Church on Purpose

During our services last Sunday I spoke about "Church on Purpose" - what is the mission of Northridge Church and what challenges do we face in trying to [...]

Krispy Kreme Invades Northridge

Just in case you missed Sunday - here was the Krispy Kreme illustration that you may have heard about. Be sure to watch until the end... the excitement in the [...]

A Video You Want to See from Sunday

Sunday morning was a unique, historical day at Northridge Church.  Here are the highlights, in case you missed it: It was our first Sunday with six [...]