Is That a Christian Group or Not?

People don't often talk about "cults" anymore. But how do you know if a Church or denomination is a legitimate Christian Church or if it is not? Are they [...]

Being a Good Calvinist

My journey to Calvinism was a bumpy one. I had never heard of it until college. Like all human beings, I assumed I came to Christ of my own 100%, free will. [...]

If People Are Bored – Whose Fault Is It?

I love to teach theology. Yet most people imagine the teaching of theology to be boring. If it is boring, I don't think that it is the fault of the [...]

Did You Miss “Is God a Calvinist?”

Last Wednesday was our first EQUIP Class called "Is God a Calvinist?" We had over 260 people attend the class! If you missed the class but plan to [...]

“Is God a Calvinist?” Begins Tonight

Our three-week EQUIP class "Is God a Calvinist?" begins tonight at 6:30 at the Irondequoit campus. Here is a map. It is a three-week class for three [...]

The Calvinist I Want to Be (a.k.a. – Why I Fell in Love with the Teaching of John Piper)

This video/poem is classic John Piper. I've watched it at least a half a dozen times or more and struggle to hold back tears every time (the ending is [...]

God’s Sovereignty in Salvation

If you signed up for the Ephesian Challenge, but didn't receive both of the first two emails - let me know. Also, I read a great quote Sunday night about [...]

Hiding Behind Our Theology

One of my favorite things to teach about is the sovereignty of God. I remember - as a freshman in college - when it slowly dawned on me the implications of [...]

Spiritual Asbestos – Silent Killers

While our church was having asbestos removed last month - by law, we were required to post signs all over the facility warning people about the danger of [...]

A Conversation with Death – by John Piper

I read this on the desiring God blog months ago, and thought you'd enjoy it too:A CONVERSATION WITH DEATH ON GOOD FRIDAY: CHRISTIAN: Hello, Death, my [...]