7 Questions I Asked Before Resigning

I've been thinking about resigning for about a year. About a month ago, I came across a list of questions to ask before resigning your church. It was [...]

Pastors: 4 Things That Build Your Ego But Hurt Your Church

Are you a lead pastor? Or a staff member at your church? Here are four things that probably build your ego but actually may hurt your church: When [...]

The Pain of Church Splits

As we teach through 1 Corinthians, we have been talking a lot about church unity (1 Corinthians 1-4). Tom Rainer wrote a great article about his thoughts on [...]

20% of People Will Never Like You

One week from today will be the second day of our 16:5 conference. We will have over 900 people at our Irondequoit Campus for the conference. You can see more [...]

I’ve Got Bad News: This Is Why You Are the Leader

If you are a leader - you must come to grips with this reality: "The fact is few people will understand why you do what you do. But that's why you're [...]

The Toughest Leadership Roles

Earlier this year Forbes magazine put out an article recently that ranked the 9 toughest leadership roles. You can read the entire article HERE. It [...]

Encouraging Overwhelmed Pastors

Tomorrow at Northridge, we have an event for lead pastors called "LEAD." It is a one day conference especially for lead pastors. The reason we are doing [...]

THAT Church Is Messed Up!

I came across an old quote from a book I read maybe ten years ago. It still moves me. Here it is: If a church is boring, irrelevant, tired, losing people [...]

Who Is Your Target? – Part 2

Yesterday, I began a brief series on "Who Is Your Target?" It is for churches and is a bit counter-intuitive.  You can read part 1 HERE. The [...]

Two Jobs of a Pastor

I love this quote that I came across recently: It is paraphrased by Sinclair Ferguson from John Owen (a Puritan pastor): There are actually only ever two [...]