Andrew Peterson Is Coming to Town!

I have always loved Andrew Peterson. Although he isn't as popular as many Christian music artists, he has a depth to him that is rare in the industry. And [...]

Night of Worship Tonight

Tonight from 7:00-8:00PM we will all be gathering at our Irondequoit Campus for a Night of Worship. Childcare will be provided for children ages 1 and below, [...]

A Musical Response to the Grammys Weddings

Thursday, I posted a video from the Grammys. You can see that video if you click HERE. There are just a couple of "response" thoughts I have. A [...]

“Cast My Cares” (Song from Sunday) – a video

For those who wanted to see it again or missed it - this is the video/song we did on Sunday (the Irondequoit campus version). It transitions from the video of [...]

A Free Book and a Song Worth Buying

Yesterday we had the song "Cast My Cares" sung at the end of the sermon. For Tim Timmons' website, go HERE. To buy the song, you can go HERE. It [...]

Keith & Krysten Getty – in Concert in Rochester!

Keith & Krysten Getty are coming into town to do a concert. I am so excited about it, except I will be out of town that day. But - I would highly [...]

Two Christmas CDs Worth Buying

Every year I try to buy a couple of new Christmas CDs for our family. Those who attend Northridge might be interested in two in particular (if you don't [...]

Christmas CD Worth Purchasing (my favorite)

My favorite Christmas CD is Andrew Peterson's "Behold, the Lamb of God." It tells the Christmas story starting with the Old Testament. If you [...]

Things to Consider Before Going to Church Tomorrow

Here are some things to consider before showing up @ Northridge tomorrow: In case you think "singing" and "worship" are exact synonyms - [...]

9/11: Blessings (a song via video)

I think the highlight of last Sunday at Northridge Church (9/11) was the song that Brittany sang. In case you missed it - or wanted to see it again - check [...]