Missionary Aviation Fellowship

On our last trip to Chad, we used MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship). I had heard about them for years, but never worked with them. They are a ministry [...]

There Are No Closed Countries…

I love missions. I love people who fear nothing but God, love nothing more than sharing the Good News with those far from God, and will sacrifice everything [...]

An Unexpected Impact of Missionaries

A year ago, I came across two articles that point to research by a sociologist named Robert Woodberry. If I were to ask you how to change the world, I [...]

Caring for Those Far from God

This is from Tim Challies. You can see it [...]

7 Worst International Aid Ideas

Around Northridge we often talk about how to help others without hurting them. I read this article recently and found some of its points to be quite [...]

How Missions Should Be Done (Papau, New Guinea) – a video

This is a longer video (23 minutes), but if you can find time over Thanksgiving, you will be glad you watched it! The video gives us a glimpse at how God [...]

Giant Step Toward Freedom of Faith in Nepal

Dave and Hannah Hough used to attend Northridge Church, and now they are working as full-time missionaries in Nepal. They were sent by Samaritan's Purse - Dave [...]

Africa’s Hinge

Since we began to partner with the village of Maramara we have been praying that the Gospel would reach the hearts and minds of the people there and that we [...]

Good Signs of the Gospel in Japan (a Nearly Unreached Country)

I love reading stories about the Gospel reaching more people, and especially in places that are often unreached. I came across this story the other day about [...]

Stay or Go When Ebola Breaks Out?

You may have heard of Kent Brantly, the 33-year-old missionary doctor who left the United States to serve in Liberia - he has been on the news since [...]