On the Way to Israel

On Monday a group of 40 will be leaving to head to Israel for a tour/study trip. They will be joining three of us who are on our way there now. Brad, Nate, [...]

Let’s Go to Israel!

(Photo of the Sea of Galilee)We are going to Israel next February (10th-19th). Can you join us? We have an informational meeting this Sunday (June 2) and [...]

Israel Trip – Jerusalem – Day 3

Wednesday (January 9) was our third and final day in Jerusalem. The day was cut short because snow was coming (perhaps you saw it on the news). It is pretty [...]

Israel Trip – Jerusalem – Day 2

Tuesday (January 8) was our second (or three) days in Jerusalem. Here is a summary of some of the things we saw... This photo isn't very exciting, but [...]

Israel Trip – Beth Shan, Dead Sea, and Masada

There is one more location we saw on Saturday that I loved! It is called Beth Shan. This is an amazing site to visit as you can learn much about life during [...]

Israel – Sea of Galilee and Qumran

Day 4 (Saturday, January 5) Today we traveled from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. Here are a few highlights that may be of interest. SEA OF GALILEE Our [...]

Israel – Caesarea-Philippi Visit (and the Sermon on the Mount)

Friday (January 4) we visited Caesarea-Philippi. This was another amazing place that helped a Bible story come alive for me. I will do my best to help a short [...]

Israel – Dan Visit

Friday we visited the site of the city of Dan (my favorite site so far). And it was an amazing place to see. Dan is on the northern border of Israel. [...]

Israel – Capernaum Visit

On Friday (January 4) we also visted Capernaum. Capernaum is a town on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Capernaum is a big deal because it was [...]

Israel – Magdala Visit

My day (Friday, January 4) began with this sunrise out of my hotel balcony: Although this kind of looks like a sunset - it was the sunrise over the Sea of [...]