Visiting Israel – Northridge Trip – Day 9 (Tuesday)

It's our final day of touring here in Israel. It's hard to believe that our time has gone by so quickly and that we will be heading to the airport [...]

Visiting Israel – Northridge Trip – Day 8 (Monday)

The ancient City of David was our first stop today. Though people rightfully refer to Jerusalem itself as the "City of David", the oldest section of [...]

Visiting Israel – Northridge Trip – Day 7 (Sunday)

Today we got an early start to explore the city of Jerusalem and visit the locations of the final hours of Jesus.  It was a sobering and meaningful [...]

Visiting Israel – Northridge Trip – Day 6 (Saturday)

Today began at Masada, an extremely high, isolated rock plateau where Herod the Great built a lavish, three-tiered palace complex which he would later [...]

Visiting Israel – Northridge Trip – Day 4 (Thursday)

Our group is experiencing so many great things here in Israel, and we wish we could bring everyone from Northridge to experience it with us!  We hope [...]

Visiting Israel – Northridge Trip – Day 3 (Wednesday)

Day 3 of our group's Israel tour was a very full day. Our aim for the day was to visit several of the locations around the Sea of Galilee where Jesus [...]

Visiting Israel – Northridge Trip – Days 1&2 (Monday & Tuesday)

Today our full group from Northridge joined us here in Israel.  It was great to see so many familiar faces after a few days away.    One of [...]

Filming in Israel – Day 4 (Monday)

When the idea came to me to film a sermon series in Israel, I was a bit naive about how difficult it would be. It has been a long, hard three and a half days! [...]

Filming in Israel – Day 3 (Sunday)

Today we did more filming in Israel for an Easter series. Here are some photos Brad took along the way: We got up early to get "good light" on [...]

Filming in Israel – Day 2 (Saturday)

Three of us came early to Israel (before the group of 40 comes on Tuesday). Brad Files, Nate Bantle and I came to shoot a series we will use at Easter and the [...]