Current Affairs

Persecution of Christians in Central Africa

If you don't have this map, I think it would be a great idea for you to order one - it shows the locations where Christians are facing persecution, and is a [...]

Defending the Right to Not Make a Cake

Daniel & Amy McArthur own a bakery in Ireland. They refused to make a cake celebrating gay marriage. I realize this is a difficult issue and not all [...]

The Church’s Enemy Number One: Boko Haram

We hear a lot about ISIS from our media, but little attention is given to Boko Haram, a terrorist group in northern Nigeria. The following article talks about [...]

Biblical View of Guns and Self-Defense

A few weeks ago a firestorm started when the president of Liberty University (Jerry Falwell Jr.) made this impromptu statement at the college convocation - [...]

Worst Call in NFL History? No! One of the NFL’s Greatest Coaches!

How many times have I heard that the last play of the game was the worst call in NFL history? Too many to count. In the video below, I suggest that what [...]

What Ferguson Is Causing Us to Forget

It is interesting how the Ferguson debate keeps raging. I read things I agree with and many things I don't agree with. I posted some thoughts the other day [...]

My Thoughts on Ferguson

I've been asked many times about the Ferguson situation. And frankly, I've hesitated because I don't know enough to comment on the facts, but I also don't [...]

College Will Lose Accreditation over Behavioral Standards

Gordon College, a Christian Liberal Arts College in Massachusetts, is in danger of losing their accreditation because of their "life and conduct [...]

What You Will Never See at a McDonald’s in Rochester

Here is a photo of a McDonalds near Easter. Any idea what city this McDonalds is in? I don't know, but I'm sure it wasn't Rochester. I'm sure [...]

Christians, Social Media, and Brenden Eich (or “Christians, Please Handle This Well”)

Brenden Eich became the CEO of Mozilla on March 24. This week he resigned. And everyone seems to agree that it was because he donated $1000 to the [...]