Missionary Aviation Fellowship

On our last trip to Chad, we used MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship). I had heard about them for years, but never worked with them. They are a ministry [...]

Persecution of Christians in Central Africa

If you don't have this map, I think it would be a great idea for you to order one - it shows the locations where Christians are facing persecution, and is a [...]

Enjoying a Meal in Maramara

During my last visit to Chad we were treated to a meal by the village of Maramara. There were several interesting cultural differences that I discuss in this [...]

Another Bombing in Chad That Almost No One Will Know About

There was another bombing in Chad today. Three suicide bombers - 27 dead - 80 wounded. Although I suspect that number might grow. But likely it didn't [...]

Tomorrow @ Northridge

I'm looking forward to tomorrow at Northridge. I've been in Chad, Africa for 12 days - our luggage was lost... twice (still don't have it back yet). So it is [...]

The Gospel – Chad Update #8

The Gospel has started to make its way into Chad. I loved getting to meet with Tilly and Dave, two Chadian missionaries, while we were there. I love getting to [...]

What’s Next in Maramara? – Chad Video #7

Are you interested in what we hope to do in 2015 as we partner with Maramara? They have high hopes to expand the school and begin more businesses within the [...]

My Speech to the Village of Maramara – Chad Video #6

During our visit to Maramara I was able to sit with the villagers and share photos of some Northridge kids at school. I was also able to tell them why [...]

Everyday Life – Chad Video #5

One of the favorite videos we showed from Maramara was what everyday life might be like for them. Nate and I were able to see how homes are built and even [...]

Update on the School in Maramara – Chad Videos #3-4

It is an amazing thing to realize that people in Maramara have education available to them for the first time ever. And that is because of your generosity! We [...]