Holy Spirit Chaos – More Information

As we teach through 1 Corinthians, there isn't a chapter more debated than chapter 14. In fact, it may be the most debated chapter in all of the New Testament. [...]

A Great Bible Reading Resource

I'm reading through the Bible in 2016. Whenever I've read through the Bible in a year, I've used the same plan since I was in 8th grade. It was from a [...]

How Not to Read Your Bible in 2016

It is no secret, I love goal-setting. This is an article I like to re-read every January. It gives 5 things you shouldn't do when you resolve to read your [...]

What’s Your Bible Reading Plan for 2016?

I strongly believe that the best plan for spiritual growth must include regular interaction with the Bible. So - do you have a plan to read your Bible [...]

7 Questions to Ask While Reading the Bible

Do you ever struggle with getting anything out of your Bible reading? Do you ever close your Bible and five minutes later, you have no idea what you [...]

Chiasms in the Bible (part 3)

This is the third part in a 3 part series. You can watch part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE if you missed them or want to check them out again. This one specifically [...]

Chiastic Patterns in the Bible (part 2)

A couple of days ago I posted part 1 in this series of 3 videos about the chiastic patterns that can be found in the Bible. Today I will show you some [...]

A Hidden Pattern in the Bible (part 1)

I made 3 videos that I shared in the "Controversies in Corinth" Facebook group that we have, where many of us are discussing the book of Corinthians [...]

1 Corinthians on Facebook

As I mentioned on Sunday, we are trying something different for our 1 Corinthians study. We have created a private group on Facebook. So far, there are [...]

Learnings in Corinth – Day 5

Our final day of taping. Here are a few highlights to get a preview of what you will see in the 1 Corinthians series: We went back to Cenchrea this morning. [...]