Krispy Kreme Invades Northridge

Just in case you missed Sunday - here was the Krispy Kreme illustration that you may have heard about. Be sure to watch until the end... the excitement in the [...]

A Video You Want to See from Sunday

Sunday morning was a unique, historical day at Northridge Church.  Here are the highlights, in case you missed it: It was our first Sunday with six [...]

An Amazing Story Worth Hearing Twice

I love getting to hear stories about how God changes people's lives, and we got to hear Michael Sablosky's amazing story at all of Northridge's campuses on [...]

Michele’s Baptism (videos)

We had the opportunity to share Michele's story about how she came to Northridge yesterday at all our campuses. If you'd like to see it again (or if [...]

You’re Invited: Youth Baptism Service

This Sunday, December 21st Northridge Youth Ministry is having its first ever baptism service! It begins at 7pm in the in the Irondequoit auditorium. You can [...]

Sunday’s Baptism

We see some amazing stories of changed lives during our Sunday morning baptisms, and this last Sunday's was another amazing story.If you missed it - you [...]

Baptism – Todd Delgatti

Todd was a follower of Christ for a long time before he was baptized. He finally came to the conclusion that he needed to "listen, obey, and just do [...]

In Case You Missed These Baptism Videos (3 videos)

I am SO excited for those at the Irondequoit campus to see the video of the first Greece campus baptism from last week!  And as I was thinking about [...]

Baptism – Aimee Phillips

My favorite thing at Northridge Church is hearing stories of life change. We regularly do baptisms and I like to share them on my blog - in case you don't [...]

Sunday’s Baptism (in case you missed it) – a video

Just in case you missed Sunday's baptism - here it is! Take a couple of minutes to see Shannon's story! As always, if you can't see the video [...]