Author: David Whiting

Week #5 of Chemo Begins (Emily Whiting: Update #15)

Tonight (2/16) begins week #5 of 18 weeks of chemo treatments. Here is an update on what has been happening, what will happen the next few weeks, what you can [...]

What the Day Leading into Chemo Is like – Chemo Round #4 (Emily Whiting: Update #14)

WHAT DAY 1 OF A CHEMO ROUND IS LIKE Last week, chemo started on Thursday (1/18), and Emily was in the hospital for five nights. She was home on Tuesday [...]

Week #3 of Chemo Begins (Emily Whiting: Update #13)

Chemo Treatment The chemo for week #2 (last week) and week #3 (beginning today) is the same. It is Methotrexate. The side effects of Methotrexate aren't [...]

Week #2 of Chemo (Emily Whiting: Update #12)

Update Here is an update on Emily. If this is all new to you - there are a list of links to all the updates at the bottom of this post. Emily had a [...]

Rochester and Surgical Options (Update #11: Emily Whiting)

Rochester Trip First of all... some great news. Emily's white blood cell counts are high enough that she is allowed to travel! So tomorrow morning [...]

Chemo Plan for Emily (Update #10: Emily Whiting)

FINALLY HOME!! Emily came home on Tuesday after four nights and five days in the hospital for her first round of chemo. I left the hospital for the [...]

What Is Osteosarcoma? (Update #9: Emily Whiting)

Update: Emily began chemo on Friday night. Saturday went pretty well. Saturday night was a bit rough. And today (Sunday) was difficult too. They [...]

Today: Surgery and Chemo Begins (Update #8: Emily Whiting)

Today: Surgery and Chemo Begins (Update #8: Emily Whiting) I will give you a brief update via pictures today. Emily enjoyed her last night at home [...]

Chemo Scheduled for Friday (Update #7: Emily Whiting)

Here is the latest update on Emily: The official pathology report came back today - which means we are now able to set up chemo. At this point, the [...]

What Is Coming This Week (Update #6: Emily Whiting)

  So many of you are praying, I wanted to be sure you know what is coming this week. But first of all, let me tell you the story of the four [...]