Author: David Whiting

Why Am I Being Blamed?

Some of you remember that back on my birthday, I showed up in my office to find it totally decorated with tin foil.  Here are a couple of pictures. [...]

Approval Granted by City of Rochester!!

Great News, NORTH!  Last night we made a presentation to the City of Rochester to receive a variance to allow us to have more parking than is allowed by [...]

Where Did My Wife Go?

If you don't like sports - just skip this post... :) I have been a Boston Celtics fan since the day I saw John Havlicek retire in 1978. One of my best [...]

I Miss You Already – Sunday night reflections

Today was a great day at North... some thoughts that are going through my mind. In eleven days we are scheduled to get on a plane and head to Jordan. It is [...]

My Meeting with a Catholic Priest

In preparation for this Sunday (part five of "What's the Difference?"), I met with a local Roman Catholic priest. My sermon this week is about the [...]

This Is Why I Do What I Do…

Last Friday Sue & I received a phone call from a friend who attends North. She was driving to see a friend in another state.  This friend had [...]

Church at the Beach – Summer 2007

This summer we will hold our third annual "Church at the Beach" on August 3rd at 6:00 PM. It has been a highlight of the year for me the past two [...]

This Is the Truth – the Video

Here is the video that Maria used at the Spring Fling this past weekend.  It is a very clever video worth seeing. For those of you who receive this by [...]

Six Best Books in the Last Twelve Months

I was once told, "You will be the same person in five years that you are now except for the books you read and the people you meet." I like that [...]

One Approval Down – Two to Go

We are still planning on breaking ground for our new building this summer! We have been telling you that there are three "approvals" that need to [...]