Week #17 of Chemo (Emily Whiting Update #28: 8/30/18)

Psalm 31:24 – “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” Thanks, Becky Bennett for giving us this awesome design, and So Little Time Design for making the sign for us!

What Has Happened Since Our Last Update:

  • Week #16 of chemo went “normally” – five days / four nights in the hospital. She started Tuesday and was home by Saturday night.
  • Emily’s body is wearing down, so she has been feeling sick for longer periods than in the past. She isn’t feeling nauseous after a couple of days, but just overall feels “yucky.”
  • Sue and I were able to spend quite a bit of time with the mom of a 22-year old beginning chemo. Her daughter has osteosarcoma in her femur near her hip. They are from Georgia and had to come here because of some complications with her cancer. We are hoping we get to spend more time with them.
  • I had a trip scheduled to Rochester and was able to spend time with Ali for a couple of days. It will be the last time I get to see her before the week of her wedding.
  • Because of bad mouth ulcers, we had to postpone this treatment for a couple of days. Although not all of her ulcers are gone, they are beginning to heal and Emily talked the oncologist into letting her continue her treatment.

What’s Next:

  • Today (8/30) begins week #17 of chemo (out of #18). It is another methotrexate treatment, which means she will feel really sick tomorrow (Friday), but slowly begin feeling better on Saturday. And, if things stay on schedule, we will head home on Monday.
  • If Emily is feeling well, I may take her on a trip to Florida with me on Tuesday. I have a church I will be working with. She could relax in the hotel, and Wednesday night – we would visit Magic Kingdom at Disney World.
  • September 10, Emily plans to drive up to Rochester with Abby (who has been living with us this summer). Sue will fly up and join them for Ali’s bridal shower on September 15.

What you could pray for:

Our recent praises:

  • We are thankful that Emily was able to begin this round of chemo. Although her mouth ulcers are uncomfortable and will likely get worse, we are thankful that we aren’t facing another delay.
  • Emily still isn’t throwing up. About 30-36 hours of nausea but no throw-up. We will take it!!
  • Emily has been able to start classes! She is an online student this semester, but she is back on track.
  • Emily’s physical therapist is happy with her progress. She is walking better all th etime, and her leg is strengthening.
  • We are thankful that Emily continues to have a positive attitude and rarely seems discouraged. When she is sick, she is quiet, but she always seems to be positive.

Our long-term requests are the same:

  • That God would be glorified in and through Emily and her Osteosarcoma, and that we all would submit to His glory being our priority – whether in life or death and whether the news is good or bad.
  • That Emily and our entire family would grow through this (we believe God is always out for our good – which ultimately is to become more like Jesus).
  • That God would heal Emily and she would live a full, long life serving and pleasing Him.
  • That Emily (and all of us) would have peace and joy. This did not take God by surprise and He is for us.
  • That we would be sensitive to how God wants to use this in all of our lives.
  • That the cancer has not spread at all.
  • That the God of hope would fill Emily with joy and peace as she trusts in Him so she will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Our short-term requests:

  • Emily and Sue plan to head back to Rochester for a bridal shower for Ali in September. Pray that Emily will feel good enough to travel and that her blood counts will be strong enough to go.
  • Pray that Emily can get out of the hospital on Monday (September 3) and that she feels well enough that she can go to Orlando with me.
  • We want to start the last chemo round on September 18. Could you pray that her body will be strong enough and her numbers high enough that she can start that day? She will get back from Rochester on September 17.
  • Pray that Emily would be able to walk down the aisle for Ali’s wedding without a limp. We were praying for mid-September, but that isn’t going to happen. She keeps working hard and we are setting our sights on October. The wedding is October 27.
  • Please pray that Emily will be strong and take heart as she hopes in the LORD (Psalm 31:24).

Some Photos to Get a Glimpse of the Last Week:

Cancer Stinks. It is sad to see children in the hallways suffering. I look forward to the day when cancer will no longer be part of this world.

I took Ali to one of our favorite restaurants, Monte Alban, while I was visiting her in Rochester.

Addressing wedding invitations. I guess this is really happening.

I’m not sure I realized how beautiful Rochester was until I moved away. I was thankful for a couple of days of early mornings walks to pray and enjoy the beauty.

After meeting with the oncologist today, we like to head out for a “last lunch” before Emily won’t feel like eating for a few days. So I like to take her to a nice or unique place. This week, it was Houston’s – which is a great restaurant!

While waiting for them to be ready to start her 8 hours of fluids (pre-chemo), we walked to the next hospital to get some $1 Diet Cokes and a Dr. Pepper from McDonald’s.

During the last round, Emily figured out the bed can get really tall. It tends to freak the nurses out. Can you tell there is a lot of waiting and boredom before fluids start?

College has begun. So before she feels sick tomorrow, Emily is getting some homework done.



  1. Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Hand of healing on Emily’s life through the talents and gifting You have given to so many in the battle against the evil cancer! Father, there are many requests this precious young lady and her family have listed for this month so I’m asking that Your will could be such that each one of them may receive an affirmative answer from You. I especially pray for safety in all the traveling that is done for the whole family and Emily’s request to be able to walk down the aisle for her sister’s wedding without a limp. Strengthen her body to accomplish this as evidence of Your miraculous working in her life! Thank You for her fighting spirit, though I’m sure she may be weary of all she’s been through. I ask You to give her the extra boost to continue on until all her treatments are done. I pray You would use the testimony of her life to help those who will be on the same journey in the battle with the evil cancer that they may know You and the love and power You offer each of us through Your precious Son, Jesus, for it is in His wonderful Name I pray, Amen!

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