A Member of Northridge – in Prison and Needing Some Love


Her new address is:

Sarah cushman
Din- 12g1011
Albion correctional facility
3595 state school rd
Albion, n.y. 14411


The writer of Hebrews tell us to “Remember those in prison.” The fair assumption is he is speaking of those in prison for their faith. However, many followers of Christ are in prison because of sinful choices they have made. That doesn’t mean we abandon them. We need to remember, pray for, and love them too. Especially for those who have repented and longing for God to do a work in and through them.

Sarah Cushman was very involved at Northridge for several years, having been rescued from drug addiction. She was on a great path and God was doing great things in her life. However, a few years ago, she relapsed in her drug use. One sinful choice led to another and she found herself being tried for 3 counts of burglary and robbery with a weapon. She pled guilty and handled herself well in court – accepting responsibility and speaking of her faith and the consequences of her choices. She served one year in the county jail and then was transferred to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, where she has been for a year. She still has 8 years left in her sentence.

Sarah has been working hard at growing in her faith and continuing to turn her life around. For the past 4-6 months she has been reading her Bible daily, completing the 1 Peter Challenges, reading Christian books, listening to Christian music, and even leading a Bible Study for other inmates! She is focusing on the future and trying to please God in the difficult environment of prison.

Please continue to pray for Sarah. She has been very encouraged by the prayers and letters she has been receiving from people at Northridge. I wonder if reading her story God might lead you to reach out to her.

Those in prison say that there is nothing like getting mail “from the outside.” So would you consider writing Sarah one letter or maybe consider beginning a correspondence with her for a few months or a few years?

There are guidelines of what can and can’t be sent to Sarah. So unless it is a basic letter, you will want to read the guidelines HERE. Just click on “sending mail” or “packages” to read the rules. Don’t feel obligated to send anything but a letter. She just wants to hear from her church family – even if she doesn’t yet know you. For more details, here is a list of allowable items HERE. Books, food, stamps, stationary are all encouraged. Make sure you put your full name and return address or it will likely be returned to you. All packages will be opened and gone through before given to Sarah.

If you would like to write to her to let her know you are praying for her, send her an encouraging note, or some type of package – please send them to:

Sarah Cushman
DIN# 12-G-1011
Bedford Hills Correctional PO Box 1000
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Bedford hills

One comment
  1. Shes no longer in bedford correctional facility.

    You can write her here:

    Sarah cushman
    Din- 12g1011
    Albion correctional facility
    3595 state school rd
    Albion, n.y. 14411

    It always helps to receive mail when your on the inside. Sarah appriciates everyones support and love.

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