Tomorrow @ Northridge Church

Easter Services_01


I’m looking forward to tomorrow at Northridge.

Just a reminder that we will be hosting meetings about the February 2016 Israel Trip following all services at all Northridge Campuses tomorrow morning. If you’re thinking about coming at all, I hope you will check out one of the meetings for more information.

  • Irondequoit will meet in Room 419 across from the auditorium.
  • Webster will meet in the Faculty Room.
  • Greece will meet in the Party Room.


We will also be finishing our series called “Sex, Divorce, and Singleness – It’s Complicated” with “Not a Single Thing.” This is all geared toward singles. But whatever your relationship status may be, I think you will find something helpful to you in this message. If you have a few minutes today, read 1 Corinthians 7:17-40. I think you will be looking forward to tomorrow once you read this interesting but somewhat confusing passage.


Finally, at our Irondequoit and Webster campuses tomorrow, there is an Exploring Northridge class (you know who you are). This is a class that you have to sign up ahead of time, so if you are interested but not signed up for tomorrow’s class, just sign up on the connections card tomorrow, and one of the pastors will reach out to you about our next class.

See you tomorrow, Northridge!

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