Helping Your Children Grow through Experiences and Questions

I loved this diagram from the book Sticky Faith. It discusses how you can help your child grow. They used this to talk particularly about service. But I think this works for just about anything: youth group, retreat, a school day, hanging out with friends, or going to work. 

Parenting Webster NY_01

    • Step 1. Before: Framing
      • Preparing them for what is coming.
      • Helping them get in the right frame of mind so it is a learning experience.
      • I often challenge our daughters to make it the goal of ______ to please God. 
    • Step 2. During: Experience and Reflection (use questions throughout)
      • If possible – regular interaction to keep the situation in context.
      • Use the questions below to help them learn even during the experience.
      • This is particularly done with the situation is a multi-day experience.
    • Step 3. After: Initial Debriefing
      • What was your favorite part?
      • What was the hardest part?
      • What did you do well?
      • What mistakes did you make?
      • How did you see God at work?
      • How did you see others being used by God?
      • What did you learn?
      • What new questions does your experience raise for you?
    • Step 4. After: Ongoing Transformation
      • Helping them apply what they have seen and learned to new situations and to everyday life.

There is so much we can all learn about parenting in a God-honoring way. If you're like me – you can't get enough of these helpful hints. 


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