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  1. Hello Mr. Whiting,

    My name is Aaron Hermann. I just watched your video “1 Corinthians 6:11 Chiasm” and was very impressed with your work. I am thrilled to find someone else with a passion for studying the structure of God’s word. Our shared interest in learning and teaching about the structure of God’s word is why I am contacting you.

    Bob Schlenker, my friend and dear brother in the Lord, has developed a web-based software utility to support his own explorations of the linguistic structures of the biblical text. We haven’t seen anything else like it! He has been using it privately and refining it for over a decade, and he was recently inspired to make his software utility available publicly.

    It’s a professional grade utility that is fit for academic and non-academic use. It’s not free but there is a free trial, and a promotional website where you can learn more about it and see some examples.

    With a login to the software program, which he calls, with some levity, the Chiasmatron 2000, you can explore it for yourself. It’s got a nice interface and is pretty intuitive, and you’ll find a quick start video on the Help Tips page.

    I hope you’re not offended by my approaching you with this request. Please, ask me for a Username and Password. I respect your work and really think that you’ll appreciate what you find.

    Thanks for your consideration!


    Aaron Hermann

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