Why Leaders Should Chew Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum1

When you have little children, they often go through a phase of asking “Why?” on just about everything. And you try to answer, but eventually you say, “Because that’s what daddy said.” Or “Because that is how God made it.” But that probably says more about a parent’s impatience than an inappropriate level of a child’s inquisitiveness.

Leaders never get over asking “why?” They ask a lot of WHY questions:

  • “Why do we do it this way?”
  • “Why haven’t we tried something else to accomplish this goal?”
  • “Why isn’t anyone fixing that?”
  • “Why are we satisfied with this result?”
  • “Why do we keep doing this?”
  • “Why do we sing that song?”
  • “Why do we use that translation?”
  • “Why do we dress up for church but do our devos in our pajamas?”

Have you ever wondered why the standard bubble gum color is pink? In 1928, Walter Diemer accidentally created the first successful batch of bubble gum while playing around with different recipes. He made it pink because, at the time, that was the only food coloring available at the factory. And now, over 90 years later, the standard color is still pink.

So when contemplating how to do what God has called you do and what your church is doing to make “more and better disciples” – maybe you should chew a piece of bubble gum and ask a few more “Why?” questions.

Bubble Gum


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