Learnings in Corinth – Day 5

Our final day of taping. Here are a few highlights to get a preview of what you will see in the 1 Corinthians series:

We went back to Cenchrea this morning. This was a photo Joel took the first day we were here. Cenchrea is the port that Paul left Corinth from on his way to Ephesus.

Day 5 - 01.BoatAtCenchrea


I don’t know that I will ever get to Corinth again, but this is a great photo to remember this incredible city!

Day 5 - 02.TempleofApollo


The Temple of Isis and the Cenchrean port was destroyed by an earthquake in the late 4th century. Where I am standing is a set of stairs that now goes into the water. It used to be the Temple of Isis and they discovered the doors that stood just behind where I’m standing. Because they were in the salt water – the wood preserved and those doors are now in the museum nearby. It is amazing to see wooden doors from a temple that would have existed during Paul’s time.

Day 5 - 04.TempleOfIsis


It was great spending a week with this crew learning about Corinth together and strategizing for how to best make it come alive for Northridge Church.

Day 5 - 10.TheGuys


I spent an entire week walking on and through ruins from the 1st century or older. It never ceased to amaze me. I love reading. But I learn even more being here and seeing what I’ve been reading about for my entire life. Here we are walking toward the stadium used in Paul’s day. This building housed the athletes before they entered the stadium to compete.

Day 5 - 13.Stadium


This is the tunnel of the athletes. They would leave the area were they would prepare for their event (by getting naked, perhaps taking a bath, and relaxing), and head through the tunnel to the stadium.

Day 5 - 19.TunnelOfAthletes


And this is the stadium used in the 1st century – not far from Corinth. Many Corinthians would have come here to watch the sporting events.

Day 5 - 14.Stadium


This is the starting gate at the stadium. They would dig their toes into the lines chiseled out of the starting gate (remember, they ran naked).

Day 5 - 15.StartingGate


No, this was not for a pose. They actually raced to the other end, around the post and back. Brad’s a marathoner, but Nate is 26. The race was about 300 to 400 yards. It would need to be quite a bit longer for Brad to take Nate, but he gave it a valiant effort.

Day 5 - 18.TheRace


These guys do whatever it takes to get the right angle.

Day 5 - 20.AllAboutAngles


This is what that same shot looks like from another angle. I guess I have the easy job. I just stand there and talk.

Day 5 - 21.TempleofApollo


Costas has been a great guide and teacher this week. He is a dear brother in Christ.

Day 5 - 22.Costas

I can’t wait to continue studying this book and teaching it beginning February 8!



  1. David – Thank you so much for literally going to the ends of the Earth for the sake of the Gospel. I really look forward to hearing the Corinthians series, and I even have a friend who’s interested in coming!!!

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