Learnings in Corinth – Day 4

Another full day of learning and video-taping. Here are some highlights. I can’t wait for Northridge to see the videos!

This is what a typical set-up looks like for a video. Nate and Joel talking about what settings to use. My concentrating on what I’m going to say, and Brad helping with any technical issues (including helping me say things better).

Day 4 - 01.Set up


Early in the day (before the sun is all the way up) or late in the day (as the sun is setting), Nate uses this reflector to help light my face so I’m not dark on the screen.

Day 4 - 02.Lighting Help


To our third shot of the day near Temple of Apollo.

Day 4 - 04.Apollo Temple


This was a temple that I really wanted to see based on my study (Temple of Askepios). It isn’t a public site, but our teacher/guide was able to get special permission to take us there. It doesn’t look like much in this photo, but it was one of my favorite places to visit. (I’ll show you why on the coming videos.) You can see the shadows of Joel and Nate taking photos/videos against the wall as Costas and I walk inside the temple.

Day 4 - 06.Temple of Asklepios


We hiked back up to the Acrocorinth because we didn’t finish yesterday. After a while, clouds rolled in. The last clip wasn’t as nice of a view as we wanted, but we got it done before the clouds were too heavy.

Day 4 - 08.Fog


The spring on the top of the Acrocorinth. That is a spring that is 700 feet above the town below it. Extremely unusual. And the structure is old. The triangle (pediment) above my head is from the 7th century BC!

Day 4 - 10.Spring at Acrocorinth


Whenever I get to do things like this, I think of my youngest daughter Emily. She loves hikes like this! Amazing views – great things to see. (Wish you were here, Em)

Day 4 - 12.Great Views


This is on top of the ancient wall used in Paul’s day at the Acrocorinth. Although I doubt Paul every came up here. It was a sacred site filled with pagan religious prostitutes.

Day 4 - 15.Ancient Gate Acrocorinth


Walking the diolkos – the road used to transport cargo from one port to the other before the canal. To walk on the very stones Paul walked on still blows my mind.

Day 4 - 20.Walking the Diolkos


Love this view of old Corinth.

Day 4 - 27.Corinth


My other favorite view of Corinth.

Day 4 - 29.Corinth


Ok – enough work… Joel is ready to eat!

Day 4 - 24.Joel is hungry

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