Learnings in Corinth – Day 3

Day three in Corinth is done with a second day of filming complete. It was a bit of a difficult day, but we are on target to finish on time (we fly out on Thursday). Here are some photos of the day:

Here we are setting up for the first shot of the morning and Joel being Joel…

Day 3 - 01.First shot



We spent most of the day on top of the Acrocorinth (Upper city). You can only drive so far up – then is a long climb to the top. And Brad was a hero. We got to the very top and realized we left a piece of equipment in the van. He went all the day down to get it!


Day 3 - 02.Walking up to Acrocorinth



So many amazing views from the Acrocorinth:


Day 3 - 03.Beautiful Views


It was a long hike with all our equipment, but well worth it for the views:

Day 3 - 04.Nate


We were filming in the Temple of Aphrodite at the top of the Acrocorinth and were interrupted by a herd of sheep:

Day 3 - 05.Interruption


Finally, headed back down the hill:

Day 3 - 07.Interruption


Then the goats came through (Interruption #2):

Day 3 - 08.Interruption


This is an important photo (but not just because it is of Brad). Look at the left and the right and you see two different bodies of water. The piece of land in between is called an isthmus (a land bridge). That geography is the reason that Corinth became a prominent city in the Roman world. It became a central crossroad of the Roman world – and it made Corinth wealthy and worldly.

Day 3 - 10.Brad


Last shot of the day. To make this angle work and get the Temple of Apollo and the Acrocorinth in the shot – I had to stand on the edge of a box and have Brad sit on the other side to be sure the box didn’t flip over.

Day 3 - 11.Last Shot


Back at it tomorrow.


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