Learnings in Corinth – Day 2

Today was our second full day in Corinth, and we began to do some filming for the series. Here are some photos. We would appreciate your prayers. Much to do in the next three days.

Day 2 - 02-Apollo

We knew we needed to video from sunup to sundown – so we arrived at the archaeological site early to begin with some video work. This is the Temple of Apollo.

Day 2 - 03-Bema

I’ve wanted to see this location for the 20 years of my life. It is the Bema (“Judgment Seat”) in Corinth. Paul speaks of it in 2 Corinthians 5:9-10.

Day 2 - 04-Bema

I am standing on top of the Bema at the very location where Gallio sat when sitting in judgment on Paul (Acts 18:12-16).  I’m “cramming” and reviewing before they start recording.

Day 2 - 05-Bema

Here is an example of a long-range video shoot. Joel is using a rock with a telephoto lens. You can see me on the far left side of the screen. I’m standing in front of the Bema. The wide open area is the Agora (public square) of Corinth.

Day 2 - 07-Meat Market

This is another place I’ve always wondered about… the Meat Market in Corinth – where the meat had been offered to idols before being sold.

Day 2 - 08-Road to Agora

The road that leads from the coast to the agora.

Day 2 - 09-Video Set up

A typical set-up for a video shoot. I love coming to historic areas in this area of the world. In America, they make you look at everything from a distance. Not in Greece!

Day 2 - 10-Sun Block

Joel isn’t being lazy. Nate asked him to block the sun from my face. Another thing I love about coming here… sitting on 1st century stones. Amazing!!

Day 2 - 11-Dogs

Many “stray” or “wild” dogs around Greece. These guys hung out with us a lot today. The key was keeping them out of the videos. Just as Brad clicked this shot, one of the dogs licked Nate…

Day 2 - 12-Dogs

Which Nate didn’t like so much.

Day 2 - 13-Erastus

This is certainly the most important archaeological, apologetic discoveries in Corinth. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in February! I can’t wait for the series.

We appreciate your prayers as we work long and hard to get all the videos shot and make a product that is helpful for all of us in knowing the Bible better, and loving God even more!





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