I’ve Got Bad News: This Is Why You Are the Leader


If you are a leader – you must come to grips with this reality:

“The fact is few people will understand why you do what you do. But that’s why you’re the leader and they’re not. If everyone understood and agreed with everything their leaders did, there would be no need for leaders.”

– Larry Osborne

  1. Not sure I agree with Mr. Osborne.

    I would say that a leader is one who can effectively communicate not only what he/she is doing but why he/she is doing it. Getting people to “buy in” is one of the hallmarks of leadership. If a leader can’t communicate what they are doing and why they are doing it, people will not support what they don’t understand. In fact, I would say that one of the reasons for the growth of Northridge is that you do an excellent job of communicating to the people what you are doing and why you are doing it (and I only watch online from far away). I know there are many other reasons for the growth at Northridge including the blessing of God on what is being preached.

    I do agree with Mr. Osborne that not everyone will agree with their leaders. At that point the followers need to decide whether to follow or not follow the leader.

    Just a thought as I read the post.

    Thanks Dave!!

  2. Tim, 

    I dont disagree with you totally. I do think a leader knows what they are doing, why they are doing it, and have the ability to bring people along with them. But I do think a leader also will never be fully understood, and will not always be able to bring each person they long to bring along with them. And many will follow no because they understand but because they trust the leader and his track record. Maybe Larry only means the exceptions – which do tend to stand out to us leaders. Especially in the painful moments of leadership.

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