Update on the School in Maramara – Chad Videos #3-4

It is an amazing thing to realize that people in Maramara have education available to them for the first time ever. And that is because of your generosity! We were there just days before the school opened. At the bottom of this post are some photos of the school building.

Here is a video showing you the school. And I learned to write my name in Arabic.

A man in Chad drew a map for us so we could better understand where it’s located. If you are interested in learning a little bit more about where the country and village are located then take a look at this video.

If you receive this blog via email or are having trouble viewing the videos, click HERE.

We also just received some photos of the school and children there that I thought you might want to see. I love seeing the joy on their faces!

Africa Rochester NY_04

Africa Rochester NY_05

Africa Rochester NY_06

Africa Rochester NY_07

Africa Rochester NY_08

Africa Rochester NY_09

Recently we devoted an entire sermon to updating Northridge Church on how things are going in the village of Maramara, Chad. You can watch that sermon HERE. But I want to post those videos over the next few weeks for those who weren’t able to be there or to allow you to pass them onto others.

If you’ve missed any of the previous videos, you can find them below:

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