No Thanksgiving Eve Service @ Northridge


Some bad news or good news (depending on your perspective): Northridge Church will not have a Thanksgiving Eve service this year. As our staff and Oversight Team planned out 2014 almost a year ago, we decided to narrow down our Nights of Worship (aka Vertical Worship) down to five events – from the eight or nine we used to have, and Thanksgiving Eve was one that we eliminated this year.

If you are disappointed, then you can join me – because it is one of my favorite non-Sunday services of the year. There are a few primary reasons for this decision:

1) As our Sunday AM numbers keep climbing steadily, our Thanksgiving Eve service numbers have declined. As a church that intentionally attempts to keep things “simple” – we always evaluate what is and isn’t working and eliminate what we feel isn’t as effective as other efforts.

2) Christmas Eve more clearly fits our purpose of making “More and Better Disciples” than Thanksgiving Eve. Thanksgiving Eve is great, but isn’t nearly as inviter-friendly or evangelism-effective as Christmas Eve.

3) We have decided to do Christmas Eve at all three campuses this year (three campuses, four services) – so we need the best out of our volunteers (band and production on all three campuses) on that date. So based on 1 and 2 – we felt it was best to skip Thanksgiving Eve this year so we don’t “over-ask” and lose out on key volunteers for Christmas Eve.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you are disappointed – again, you can join me. But for the sake of the overall mission, the staff and leaders felt it was the best decision, and I agree.

Who knows – it may be back next year. We will see. If we see continued growth in our Nights of Worship, that will be a good sign.




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