Planning Your Inheritance for Your Children

A friend of mine in our church has a blog, and he helped us strategize about this current series, and after one of those strategy sessions, he went home and wrote this. I thought it was great and wanted to be sure you saw it. You can read it below or in its original format HERE.

Inheritance, The Wealth of Faith.

notes from my journal . . .

Loose change 2

“We shouldn’t fret so much as to how much, or how little of our wealth our children will inherit . . . but more so how much of our faith. Which begs the question ‘How well did I live out my belief today for my children to see and to share in?’ The thought reminds me to strive to live out a faith worth passing on . . . one that they’ll remember and embrace.  Live well.” ~ Prodigal’s Path


post-thought . . .

“And let’s not complain about what things costs . . . but rejoice in the price that was paid by Father and Son. Let’s try to worry less about what we can’t, or don’t have and dwell more on the abundance of our eternal inheritance. And let’s not lose sleep over the fluctuations in the financial markets, missed opportunities for gain, and prized accolades that have seemingly slipped through our fingers . . . but instead seek comfort and contentment in knowing His love will never forsake His children . . . that He has loved us to death . . . and back.” ~ Prodigal’s Path

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” ~ Jesus   (Matthew 6:21)

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