A Video You Won’t Want to Miss Tomorrow

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Every Sunday we play a 5 minute countdown video before we start all our services. The videos vary greatly from week-to-week – sometimes they’re funny, serious, inspiring, viral videos, and so on – it’s hard to know what video will be shown on a given Sunday.

There are two things we hope to accomplish with the videos:

  1. Make those who are guests comfortable as they come into the building. The reality is – guests aren’t typically late to church. They are nervous about coming to church (perhaps for the first time in years) – so they don’t want to be late because they wrongly imagine walking in and everyone turning around and looking at them. So they are typically right on time or a bit early. So we want to help create a comfortable environment as they come in. Many churches are quiet as people enter – perhaps an organ playing. That is really intimidating to people who don’t attend church. So our videos create an environment to create comfort for guests.
  2. A second reason we play videos is that although guests usually show up to church on time or early, many regulars do not! So we began countdown videos in hopes of building anticipation so people don’t want to miss the countdown.

But the reason I mention this today is because tomorrow’s countdown is one you don’t want to miss. It is an amazing story. So plan ahead and get into the auditorium six minutes before your service starts. The countdown is a bit longer than five minutes this week.



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