A Christmas Question – I Need Your Help!

Could you help me out? What do you do during December to help you focus on Christ during Christmas? All the other things are great, but often can be distracting. So how do you personally focus on Christ during the Christmas season? I’d love to hear what you do or some suggestions you might make to others.

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I’m doing some sermon research. Thanks for the help!

Christmas Cross Ball

  1. Putting up the manger scene is a great reminder of what we are celebrating. I also put up a framed photo in my office at work that says “Happy Birthday Jesus”. I am part of a group that shows Christ’s love by caroling at a local nursing home for almost 10 years now. I play Santa Claus at a local nursing home and local hospital and often get to share the Gospel with a few people. All of these things and more help me to personally focus on Jesus Christ.

  2. We give our kids a gift “from Jesus” – something we believe that Jesus wants them to have. Frequently, it is something they can use in the development and use of their spiritual gift(s). Sometimes they receive something to help them in their walk with Christ.
    Giving these gifts requires us as parents to pray over what God wants our kids to have and to look for their spiritual gifts and importance to the body of Christ.

  3. This sounds simple and obvious, but I make sure my Christmas cards celebrate Jesus’ birth, and not just generic holiday cheer. Also, I like to include a page from the Our Daily Bread devotional in each card that speaks to the gospel in simple terms.

  4. Each year we have a tradition where we collect one new Christmas ornament that tells of the birth of Christ so when you look at our Christmas tree, instead of seeing plain ornaments, you view a representation of Jesus’ birth.

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