How You Can Support Our Police Officers

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If you live in the Rochester area, I am sure you have heard about the death of one of Rochester's Police Officers - Daryl Pierson. We are so grateful for the police officers we have at Northridge who risk their lives and work to protect us day in and day out. Most of us can never understand going to work every day knowing that we will be rubbing shoulders with people that would prefer to kill us than have to submit to us. And as we have seen recently, some actually have the capacity and will to do it. I'm used to not being liked by some – that is part of leadership. But I don't know of people I serve that want to kill me (seriously, that's crazy).

I have also learned that we have a lot more officers in our church than I ever imagined. I've always known of some, but there are many more than I knew. Every church our size or larger talks about safety issues – because we regularly hear of some pastor being shot somewhere in our country – so it is a regular discussion. I once was talking with a few police officers in our church and they confidently said, "Don't worry – they won't get to you to get a shot off." I don't know what that meant, but it made me feel safer. 

Recently, one of the officers in our church sent me two websites that I wanted to share with you so you can stay informed and show support if you'd like: the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial website - - and the Officer Down Memorial page - I hope you will check out the sites and please remember Officer Pierson's family and our police officers in your prayers. 

We as a church have given to Officer Pierson's family and encourage others to do the same. We need the best of our young people to head toward the military and public service roles in our society. Those young people need to see our support and appreciation given to those who serve and are willing to give their lives for others. 

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  1. Awesome David,i am so glad our church has responded to Officer Pierson’s family. RPD and all law enforcement need our prayers and support.Proud to be a member of North!

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