A Story of God’s Redemption That Is Amazing (a video)

Nine minutes is a lot of time, but if you take the time to watch this video, I think you will be glad you did. It is a great story of God using pivotal circumstances and providential relationships to give us a clear picture of the Gospel. She starts the video by talking about how far she was from God and talks about her pregnancy.  And how losing her baby made her want to reject God even more. Take a look at Kylie's story if you want to hear more. It is long, but worth it.

If you have a spouse who isn't "buying into the whole Jesus thing" yet – this may encourage you. The power of a spouse and a community group is amazing!  

If you are having trouble viewing this video or receive this blog via email, click HERE to watch the video.

  1. Great testimony of how God works. My guess is that Kylie is going to be used greatly by God in other peoples lives. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is awesome stuff. Personal testimonies like this harbor some kind of power that other methods of trying to bring people to Christ just can’t match. And I think there are a good number of Northridge folks who have equally compelling stories that I’d love to see brought to video.

    Thanks David!

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