You Can Watch the Harvest America Webcast

Bible Teaching Rochester NY_01

Harvest America is doing a webcast on October 5 with music by Mercy Me and Phil Wickham and teaching by Greg Laurie. It is a national webcast where they will work to clearly proclaim the Gospel. The event is free and you can stream it online at home or watch it at a church that is hosting the online event. These are a few of the churches that are hosting the event in the Rochester area:

Bible Teaching Rochester NY_02

The event begins at 7PM EST on October 5. You can register HERE if you are interested in signing up to watch the webcast. This is a great opportunity and it's available free online. If you are looking for an evangelism event for someone you are longing to reach – this could be a great option. 

We also have a Night of Worship planned at the Irondequoit campus that same night. And you don't want to miss that either. But if you have someone you are wanting to hear the Gospel and they'd be open to attending an event like this at a church or in your home – then know that Greg does a great job of presenting the Gospel. 

If you decide to do this, let me know how it goes for you!


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