Looking for a Church? (part 3) Questions to Ask

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On recent blog posts, I mentioned that people often tell me they found a church "just like" Northridge. But what that typically means is that we have many superficial similarities. And actually, churches that are most like us may not superficially look like us in a lot of ways. You can read those previous posts HERE (part 1) and HERE (part 2). 

So – if you are looking for a church – here are some QUESTIONS TO ASK: 
(remember – be sure to ask these humbly and very carefully – and after you have some type of relationship with a leader. The earlier you ask, the more suspicious you may be to the leaders.)

  • What viewpoints does your church take that wouldn't be popular in our culture?
  • What beliefs do you hold that may be distinct from many other churches?
  • Do you have church membership? If so – what is required to be a member?
  • When is divorce allowable?
  • Do you believe in the historicity of Adam and Eve?
  • How often do baptisms happen here (particularly of adults)?
  • If I wasn't going to pick this church to attend, what are two churches you would strongly recommend in the area?
  • Do you practice church discipline? If so – when was the last time you exercised it? Can you tell me a bit about the situation? (Often churches claim to practice church discipline, but it hasn't happened in ages.)

 What questions do you think I'm missing?

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