Update from Maramara!

We received an update on the village in Maramara, Chad. They are seeing so much progress, and I am honored that we are getting to play a part in it at Northridge Church. Continue to pray for them – school starts in October! 

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Dear David,

It is with gratitude and excitement that I update you on the most recent happenings in your village of Maramara.

As you may recall, a devastating fire destroyed homes and crops in Maramara, leaving many families without food, shelter, or livelihoods.

Just weeks after the disaster, your pastor flew over land and sea in order to express his concern and offer prayers and support for the families impacted by the fire. His visit was not only timely, but extremely encouraging to a very discouraged community.

Despite the challenges of starting over, again, the villagers of Maramara have proved themselves more resilient than ever. 

School Building Completion

Thanks to your continued support and love, Maramara is prepping to open their first school ever! The community made and mobilized over 20,000 bricks, and construction on the school began in March. 

I’m thrilled to report that construction is nearly complete! The main building is finished and the latrine blocks are nearly done.

Come October, children will become students and parents will become proud. For many, this will be their first time to receive any formal education. 

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Additional Clean Water 

In addition to the life-saving well and water pump you helped provide for the village, the government recently added a second water pump, increasing access to clean, safe water, and improving the health of the community even more.

We've noticed that with the availability of plentiful water, and the training in brick making provided by the mason who led the school construction, people are now baking their own bricks to build houses – homes that are much less vulnerable to fire than the thatched grass homes that were consumed in the recent fire.

This is incredible transformation and shows that the skills being learned are transferable to other things. It also shows the motivation of the community to make a better life for themselves. None of this would be possible without your support.

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Agricultural Tools Mean More Food

Nearly 30 households were provided with seeds for vegetable gardens that are now growing in the rainy season. And five farmer groups each received a horse, horse cart, plow, two donkey plows, and a nut sheller. Your ongoing partnership with World Concern’s project in this area helped provide these assets.

Preparing for Disasters

The community has been participating in disaster risk reduction activities and trainings to be better prepared for future disasters, such as flooding, droughts, and fire. In the early trainings, community members are learning how to evaluate their risks and create a plan to protect themselves. We believe that reducing these risks is safer and more sustainable than responding to multiple disasters in the future.

Your generous support is evident in Maramara’s strong spirit and profound hope for the future. Thank you for your love for these families!

Please continue to pray for the community as they move forward toward a village transformed.

In Christ,

Dave Curtiss
Church Partnerships, World Concern

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