THAT Church Is Messed Up!

Messed Up

I came across an old quote from a book I read maybe ten years ago. It still moves me. Here it is:

If a church is boring, irrelevant, tired, losing people without adding people, talking about loving the spiritually lose but doing nothing to reach them…

If a church is living for tradition at the expense of truth, experiencing great conflict with little love, talking about money and the budget more than life change and ministry, giving to missions in foreign lands but having no mission of its own, more concerned about clean carpets than helping messed up and hurting people…

If a church is committed to comfort over sacrifice, celebrating yesterday and mourning today, focusing exclusively on the next life rather than living this one, soft-pedaling people's sin rather than helping them understand its destructive power, judging people for their failures rather than helping them find God's forgiveness…

If a church is condemning other churches for what they're doing while continuing to do nothing, filled with contempt for those who are different, treating the church more like a historical museum than a present-day ministry…

Then that church is messed up. It's not what God intended. 

(Brad Powell, "Change Your Church for Good: The Art of Sacred Cow-Tipping")

Although clearly that church is messed up, it also is entirely too normal. 

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  1. “living for tradition at the expense of truth…celebrating yesterday and mourning today”

    Both of these resonated with me. I’ve seen just about everything mentioned above in the churches I’ve attended over the years, but these two in particular irritate me the most (though they aren’t necessarily the most toxic traits). I’m glad Northridge has an ongoing discussion of what a church should be and do. (And that you have the 16:5 conference solely devoted to this topic.)

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