Will We Reach Maramara with the Gospel or Just Give Them Clean Water?

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Although we have been working to meet the physical needs of the people in Maramara, Chad, our biggest desire is that the gospel would reach the people and they would grow to trust Christ. Recently I received an email from World Concern that is perhaps one of the most encouraging of all. Here is what it said:

"I think I've talked to all of you about our work to develop a 'curriculum' of sorts in the villages in Chad to more systematically introduce the Gospel. Our resident PhD was there the last few weeks meeting with villagers to begin the process of creating something that will be contextual. He told me on Thursday that our church villages in Chad are far more open to talking about Christianity and Christians in general than our non-church villages as a result of your visits and partnerships. I wanted to pass along this note of encouragement to you. Progress for the Kingdom is being made!"

What that means is this – World Concern works with churches, individuals, and corporations in Chad. In determining which villages are most receptive to the Gospel, it is the villages that are specifically partnered with churches that are most receptive. Why is that? Likely because they know we are followers of Jesus and we talk about him when we are there. This is great news! 

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Please join me in praying that the people in Maramara would come to know Christ and put their trust in Him. Working in a 100% Muslim village is slow, Gospel work. Pray for our friends at World Concern as they continue to work on the friendship with the great people of Maramara!

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