Who Is Your Target? A Thought on Counter-Intuitive Church Leadership – part 1

Purpose Church Rochester NY_01

I like to ask church leaders – "Who Is Your Target?"

I used to hate that question. I remember reading "Purpose-Driven Church" and the part I liked least was their target. They called him "Saddleback Sam" and they actually had a drawing of him (see below). Of course, it is funny now because he has a pager on his belt and his cell phone has an antennae. I'd like to know who targets THAT guy now. 

Purpose Church Rochester NY

Over time, I came to see the value of a "target" for our church. We don't view it as an age, race, or economic target, but a target of spiritual condition (more on that tomorrow).

Here is the counter-intuitive reality of Great Commission churches:

The wider your target, the less powerful your impact.

The wider your target on Sunday morning, the less people you will likely reach.

The narrower your target on Sunday morning, the more people you will likely reach.

The narrower your target, the more powerful your impact. 


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