What Is Required for Success?

Pastor Rochester NY

It seems to me success in business, management, a job, or church leadership… it mostly comes down to these three crucial needs:

To be successful you need some core competencies. If you aren't good at your job, you likely won't be successful. Are you good at what you do?

To be successful you need to be able to work well with others. A salesperson will succeed or fail based on how competent and likeable he or she is. Do people love working with you?

A lot of people have the first two, but you must have the character not to mess it up. Who are you when no one is looking? Are you growing?

This may be overly simplified, but if so – I think it is only slightly overly simplified. I could add God's blessing, favorable circumstances, or good teammates to the list (among other things), but those are the three that seem to be most under our control that leads to success in what we are called to do.

What do you think is missing?


  1. Shared values and shared (holistic) goals within the organization – essentially creating a culture where everyone knows how they fit into the puzzle. This requires communication (on a personal and corporate level) on a frequent basis to make sure the message remains consistent. I see this at Northridge on the all time – it creates cohesiveness and makes the vision “sticky”

  2. Hi David- Since you are asking for more thoughts on this subject of success, another way to caption your excellent points is the 3 C’s of Character, Competency, and Chemistry. I know of another respected author who would point toward 2 more C’s of: Calling and Commissioning as described here: http://www.strategieswork.com/publications/BusinessTips/2013/2013-07.htm May God continue to grant you and NR with the ultimate success of making more and better disciples!

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