Do You Have the Northridge App?

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Many of you have downloaded the Northridge Church app. In fact, 2,280 of you have the app! Since the beginning of 2014, 449 new people have downloaded it! That's amazing since we almost never talk about it.

The app has been launched (or opened) 16,321 times since it began, 4,471 times since the beginning of the year, and 207 in the month of June (and that is in the first seven days!)

People have clicked on a tab within the app 57,863 times, 15,803 times since the beginning of the year, and 590 times in the last seven days.
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If you don't have the Northridge Church app yet, here are some of the benefits of having it: 

  • Watch/Listen to Sermons On the Go: As soon as our services end, our volunteers get to work to make sure a video and audio version of the sermon are rendered and encoded to play on mobile devices. Although we aim to have this complete within 24 hours, most weeks this is ready to go Sunday afternoon! I love that people can take the teaching of Northridge Church wherever they go, but I also love that this is only made possible by Northridge volunteers. If you’re interested in helping make sure these materials are ready ASAP – contact us and we’ll get you plugged in.
  • All-Digital Notes: Just prior to our first service, a PDF of the sermon notes will be available in the app. This may look different for you, depending on your device, but most everyone can copy the notes into an text editor (Evernote and Adobe Reader are options for this) and follow along during the service. I love that our “digital natives” can add this to their Sunday morning routine.
  • Increased Connection with Northridge: All of our ministries are represented in the app. We are looking to add content in the future, but we’re excited that we can help folks find our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and even our own Instagram feed through the app! Instagram users can add their unique view of Northridge Church to the feed by adding the hashtags #northridgerochester and either #irondequoitcampus or #greececampus

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our app, and I’m interested to hear how you use it each week. Click HERE to check out the Northridge Church app for your iPhone, Android, and Windows devices today!  

Have you used the app? What do you use it for?

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  1. Having a direct link to the membership videos (exploring Northridge) would had been very helpful for me; instead of going to the website and then trying to select next steps, etc. Another link for weekly announcements would be nice to have. Mostly I use it to get connected to the blog and sermons.

  2. Yes, I received an email with the link to the membership page and for me it was helpful as an introduction, to read the instructions, and learn where to go when needing it. However, I didn’t use the link on my email for watching the videos for various reasons. After knowing where to find the videos on the church website, if I was using my laptop -it was easier to just open the church webpage than logging on my email to search for the message, etc. I use the Northridge App mainly on my cellphone, not the laptop (it is not available Win 8, I have no tablet or I-anything). I prefer watching videos/sermons on my cellphone with headphones -I just had the thought of accessing the membership videos like you would the sermons or a direct link like some of the ministries have. Instead, I saved the link on my cellphone browser app as a favorite. I have email on my cellphone, but it takes time to load to find old emails. I completed the responses online, using my laptop -but I also wondered if I could’ve used the cellphone. Probably; but I did not try it. Disclaimer: It has only been 18 mo. since I began using a smartphone; therefore, the use of apps still is a brand new thing for me; however, I like the church app because I can access this blog to keep up with the church in short periods of available time; and for me is the best way to watch recent and past sermons at night when my toddler is finally asleep. The idea for announcements in the church app came to me, when we were unable to attend church for a couple of Sundays due to being ill (I only have time to watch the sermon video, not the complete service).

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