Why I Love Living in Rochester, NY!

Although I love Rochester for its size (decent-sized but no large traffic jams), and I love the four seasons we experience, access to a Great Lake – the biggest reason I am glad to live in Rochester is because of its need.

This one stat explains why I love living in Rochester, NY. TIME magazine ran an article earlier this year about Most and Least Bible-minded cities in America. It is based on a survey done by the American Bible Society of the 100 largest cities in America. You can read the original article HERE. It is worth reading.

But here is what sticks out to me. Rochester, NY is rated #83 out of #100. I don't think I would want to pastor in one of the top cities for Bible literacy. I want to be where the need is greatest.

I am so thankful God brought our family to Rochester, NY. I love that we have a church that is slowly making a difference – one life at a time.

Romans 15:20 – It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known!

Check out the stat. Click on it to make it larger and see where Rochester and your favorite city rate.


Bible Rochester NY


Here is a close up of the final few cities:


Bible Church Rochester NY




  1. I guess I am not very spiritual….Wegmans comes to mind when I think about the blessings of living in Rochester….lol.

  2. A nurse today said this – “Wow…your the second ministry person I’ve met this week. We Rochestarians must need a lot of ministering.” If she only knew.

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