Tomorrow @ Northridge

I'm looking forward to tomorrow at Northridge. Here are a few things that come to my mind:

  • We decided about three weeks ago to do a bonus message from Israel. It isn't officially part of the series, but I think you will enjoy it.
  • We will participate in Communion tomorrow morning (we rarely do this on Sunday mornings).
  • The video before the message will be very different from the one we've used in the last five weeks (that showed scenes from Israel). You will like it – and it might make you laugh. If you thought that the videos were filmed smoothly and with issues – you will see it differently tomorrow.
  • We will integrate some songs into the message. I love Sundays like this – allowing us to respond even in the middle of a message by singing. 
  • By the way – we had a ton of orders for the DVD series. They are all made and will be at your campus tomorrow with your name on it. Stop by the bookstore (at Irondequoit) or book table (Greece) to get your copy. If you didn't order one but want one – there are a few extras. If we sell out, sign up at the bookstore/book table and they should be ready next Sunday. 

Hope to see you tomorrow at Northridge!

Church Rochester NY

Church Rochester NY_01

  1. What a great bonus! Sad that it won’t be on the DVD set. Awesome to celebrate communion together – great way to wrap up the series. Thanks, Northridge!

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