Killing Jesus Blooper Video

This past Sunday, we did a “bonus” sermon from “Killing Jesus.” Which basically means it wasn’t planned until a couple of weeks ago, but we decided to show some “bloopers” from our filming. And I’ve had too many requests for it… So – here it is. Enjoy! 

Click HERE to watch the video if you receive this blog via email.  

  1. If anyone ever says Christians can’t have fun they probably have not seen this video. By the way, it would be great to share with friends and family the video of the communion taken in Israel. The message given is powerful worth sharing. Thank you.

  2. Sorry, I was referring to the video shown at community group a few weeks back, when we had communion during the community group… that is the video that I cannot find on the website or facebook. I’ll keep searching for it; would like my dad to watch it.

  3. Ask your community group leader if you can have their copy (or borrow it). 
    I think it you put in a request at the bookstore or book table for a DVD – Im sure they will make one ($5.00 is the charge for DVDs, I think).


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