“Keyboard” Courage

"Liquid Courage" is what people say when someone is under the influence and they say or do things they would never do sober.

I want to start a new phrase – "Keyboard Courage."  It would be for what people type that they wouldn't say to someone face-to-face. 

The video below is the best example I can think of. Please take four minutes and watch it. Not only is it hilarious – it makes an important point about our words. It is a video of Robnison Cano getting booed by Yankee fans (for going to play for the Seattle Mariners). They thought they were booing a cardboard cutout of Robinson. But in fact, he was hidden behind the cutout. Watch what happens when he steps out behind the cardboard and how their words change. 

Then – consider how people type things via email or social media that give them "Keyboard Courage" as they type things with angry, mean, or demeaning tones or words that they would never say in person. One piece of advice I've been given is this – when someone sends you a nasty email, call them. Their tone will be different. I've found it to be true. 

I wonder if before we hit "reply" "send" or "post" – if we should ask ourselves, "Would I say it this way if they were standing right here in front of me?" Let's avoid "Keyboard Courage."

This video will show you an example of this that is worth watching!


As always, if you receive this by email – click HERE to see the video. 

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