Trip to Maramara – Thursday

On Thursday, we were able to get the UN flight to Goz Beida. Here is a brief update on our day.

Mission Rochester NY_01

This is our plane we arrived in. It is always a bit exciting to me to land on a stone runway.


Mission Church Rochester NY _03

We went straight from the airport to visit with the governor of this state. There are 22 states. This is the governor who is based on Goz Beida and is also the governor over the village of Maramara. It is interesting to meet out in the heat on leather chairs. He was very kind and I thanked him from our church – that he has provided the security for us to be able to visit this part of Chad. He thanked us for coming, promised our safety, and thanked us for the help in the villages.


Mission Church Rochester NY_04

The governor's hands are badly mangled from an explosive earlier in his life.


Well Rochester NY_10

It takes between an hour to 90 minutes to get to our village. And this is what the "road" often looks like.


Well Rochester NY_08

And here is our well!! It is women and children who use it. Men work on the bricks. The women are working on repairing homes. But water has always been a "woman's job" in the villages.


Mission Rochester NY_02

Here are three of the girls carrying water back to the village. The cans that they are carrying were part of the gift that Northridge recently gave following their fire disaster. Each family was giving 2 of these cans for water transport. 


Mission Church Rochester NY_06

Here is the well in action! It was emotional for me to watch them pump the water!

More to share later. 



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