Sunday in Chad – at Goz Beida

On Sunday we went back to the church we were at six months ago. 

Chad Church Rochester NY_01


I stopped by Saturday night to meet with the pastor. He was away last time I was here. This is the building empty. It is hard to believe that Sunday morning – over 360 adults will fit in here! 



Chad Mission Rochester NY_01

The service starts at 8:00AM to avoid the heat. It is tight and hot! It started at 8:00 AM and ended at 11:30 AM. I'm so Americanized – that felt long. Oh – and no, my sermon wasn't long. 


Chad Mission Rochester NY_02

Everyone goes to the front to give their offerings. Single file – one row at a time.


Chad Mission Rochester NY_03

Emmanuel translated for me again. And WITH the translation – I was 25 minutes. I bet you are impressed and shocked.


Chad Church Rochester NY_02

After church – the women go out the back door and the men go out the side. And you greet every person then you get in the line so that by the end – everyone shakes everyone else's hand. Beyond the 360+ adults in the room and outside on benches (because it was full) – there were 150 children in the school buildings on the property.


Missions Church Rochester NY_06

This is what the outskirts of Goz Beida look like. We went to look at the one hospital in the entire region (22 regions in the entire country).


Missions Church Rochester NY_07

We also drove through town to look at the market.


Missions Church Rochester NY_08

It is quite an exciting place. And when we are the only white people in town (and almost the only vehicles driving) – it gets attention.


Missions Church Rochester NY_09

This is a common site. These are people from the refuge camp (a couple miles away). They come to get supplies and walk back to the camp.


Missions Church Rochester NY_11

And of course, one of my favorite scenes – the donkey parking lot! Hundreds of donkeys people brought when they came to the market. And people do pay to leave them here. This is about 100 yards from the gate to World Concern.

Tomorrow we begin to head home. It will take us about 58 hours from our first flight until we touch down in Rochester, NY.



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