Maramara Update (a video)

We showed this video the Sunday before Easter at Northridge. It is a summary of our trip to Chad. Here it is for those who missed it, don’t attend Northridge, wanted to see it again, or pass it on to others:

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Our trip was scheduled before the fire. We thought we were going to Chad to figure out the best way to use the extra money from the Advent Conspiracy project. We had planned to meet with a missionary and with a group of church elders. Those plans changed when the fire occurred. We knew that would likely need every extra cent we had raised. 

God’s timing was awesome in at least two ways:

  1. He had us come into relationship with the people of Maramara six months before this disaster so that we could help them when this disaster occurred.
  2. You gave so generously back in December that were we able to immediately release $50,000 to give them food and non-food items that will last at least two months until the rainy season begins.
  3. When the fire happened, the people of Maramara wanted to be sure their friends at Northridge Church knew what happened to them. To be able to show up two weeks later overwhelmed them with joy – knowing we care for them deeply.

Through all of this – I have been amazed at God’s sovereignty over all of it. I wish I could take every single one of you with me when we go to Maramara! But since I can’t – we will do our best to bring our experiences back to you via video. I hope you enjoy the video. 

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