Ignore What You Got at Church!

Church Rochester NY

If you attended Northridge Sunday, there is something you may have been given that you should throw away.


But first, let's celebrate Sunday. We had over 2275 people! Wow! We've never had over 2000 before. Thanks for praying, investing and inviting! We are hearing great responses from those who brought others. Thanks for caring for others enough to invite them and to share your faith in Christ with them!


Some of you may have found something on your windshield when you left the Irondequoit campus. If you did – that was not from us. Our security was able to pull many of them off of the windshields. But if you found it and were confused, just know this: it wasn't from us. If you invited someone, you may want to ask them if they found something on their windshield and let them know it wasn't from us.

They were the same size as our invite cards, but it wasn't from us. And clearly – the graphics were subpar compared to what our graphics team produces (but that's beside the point).

From what I understand, they did it at the far end of the parking lot. Hopefully not many were impacted by it. It was a religious group, but they do not represent our church. If you have any questions, let us know. 


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