“Christian” Movie = “Don’t See This” Movie (part 2)

There is a movie being released today that I would avoid and encourage you to avoid. It is called "Heaven Is For Real." Below is a short video about it – if you are interested in more information. 

Here is a video by David Platt about these types of movies and books:


If you don't see the video above – go HERE to see the video.

Tomorrow, I will post an article about it. 

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  1. I don’t entirely agree with the comments on Christian movies. Has everyone forgot about visions and dreams? God may have given the child in this movie a vision of heaven….or a dream about heaven to encourage His people about the future. Below are just some of the scripture referencing visions from God in scripture. We should not so easily dismiss what God may have for us….especially in these times!!

    Daniel 10:14 and others

    Joel 2:28

    Amos 7

    Obadiah 1:1

    Nahum 1:1

    Habakkuk 2:2

    Zechariah 1-5, 10, 13

    Matthew 17:9

    Luke 1:22

    John 9:35

    Acts 2:17 (your young men will see visions)

    Acts 9:10; 10:3; 10:9-13; and many others in Acts.

    2 Cor 12:1

    Revelation 9:17

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